Monitoring your sales personnel with help of salesman tracking app

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Monitoring your sales personnel with help of a salesman tracking app

Fast Moving Consumer Goods are those with short shelf life. These are sold at low margins but in large volumes. Food items, toiletries, soft drinks, and many more. FMCG covers a range of sectors and job titles within retail. One can work as a marketing manager, sales assistant on a shop floor, or simply sales representative or work behind the scenes as a buyer or marketer. Spending a lot of time on your feet, the job involves: Serving customers, Displaying products, etc. Hence it’s evident that managing sales and sales employees are a tiring job. Profcyma, a sales team management app, makes the task of managing all sales process for both employer and employee with its several features.

Remotely Task Assign

While being on the field, it is now easier to get the work according to priorities assigned by the company. Every worklist with the details will appear in the app dashboard. Employees will get the necessary details of the assigned work if they click on it. If “Client” is associated with any work, they will even get the direction and other details of the client for that task. Employees can convert these tasks to check-in or mark as done. Calling and emailing works has really been old fashioned. Profcyma helps in remote work assignments. You can find “Manage Work” in Menu. Work can be assigned to respective employees with deadlines and priorities. Once the work is done the status of the work automatically gets updated.

Analytics Reports

Stay notified as and when it happens whether it’s sales visit, attendance, or anything else. While using the Profcyma sales activity tracker, all the important activity notifications can be delivered to your phone via push notification so that you are aware of your business transactions without always checking reports.

Multilevel Reporting

There are options available for the admin to create multiple users, and also can assign them as branch manager and assign employees directly under them for direct reporting and access their reports. Profcyma implements the concept of Admin, Sub-admins, other employees in a hierarchical structure.